@MaryRCallahan Can't wait to have you guys at the office again soon!
RT @MaryRCallahan: Paul shooting me a look at @AntidoteSTL. Mike Radentz in the background, mixing sound and being his witty self. http://t…
RT @ksdknews: What a sweetheart! RT @AnheuserBusch Meet the newest member of the @Budweiser #Clydesdale family, Memory. http://t.co/6fBRjtW…
Thanks @alyson_shead for bringing home some delicious new coffee from @highlandcoffee! #Coffee #Louisville http://t.co/fFjFcUOgLv
@goelastic "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie
RT @admschnder: Awesome video, when you have the time. http://t.co/cI59Qa3EW6
Thanks @TheBikeWaiter for delivering @rosalitascantina today! It was delicious! #LunchTime #StL
Anyone else excited it's #Friday? This should get you in the mood! #TGIF #Zumba http://t.co/OnfSE84ioo
Another Day, Another Dog! Willy is at the office keeping a look out on the streets of #StLouis! #PetsAtWork @purina http://t.co/n0Iu2rtzOe
Thanks for having a birthday, Casper! We love a reason to have Crown Candy! http://t.co/98h4D71wbR
RT @Purina: @antidoteSTL Having #PetsAtWork can cure any rainy day blues! Can we also add that Tula really knows her angles?
Tula is hanging at the office. She brightens up this rainy day! #PetsAtWork @purina http://t.co/CQncXbHMtR